Hirschmann became a SKS company in 2006.

Function & Design

Robust | Flexible | Resilient

“In the global competitive scenario, low grade measuring- and testing instruments cost a company much more than investment in equipment of proven quality. Because in these times of limited budgets and cutthroat competition, there is one thing you cannot afford” (Hirschmann)

As a leading supplier of electro-mechanical components, SKS offers products and measurement accessories according to IEC 61010. Our products are designed for voltages from 30 VAC / 60 VDC to 1000 V AC/DC. Voltages above 30 VAC / 60 VDC may lead to dangerous currents for the human body. For this, SKS offers the 2mm & 4mm safety system. If used correctly, a large range of the products ensures optimum safety up to 1,000 V. The products are designed, tested and marked according to IEC 61010. These products bear a text indicating the permissible rated voltage and measurement category. SKS products meet international safety standards and are recognized all over the world as reliable and high-quality products.