Manufacturers of wires and cables of superior durability, flexibility, and thermal resistance, Champlain Cable is dedicated to regularly modernizing and developing technologies and capacities to maintain their position at the forefront of the wire and cable industry.

ISO 9001:2015 QMS Certificate, ISO 14001:2015 EMS Certificate

DATACLEAR®  technology utilizes the irradiated polymer science, focused on “Zero Halogen Content”, coupled intricately with “Low Smoke” formulations to create wire and cable products that will sustain performance during extreme, adverse environments. DATACLEAR products are designed to assist our Navy and NATO fighting Men & Women stationed on U.S. Naval vessels. DATACLEAR products have been tested to sustain themselves in direct fire and/or submergence in seawater while providing continuous operation of critical path systems. DATACLEAR products are the preferred choice by the U.S. Navy and trusted NATO partners for secure, reliable data and voice communication systems.

DATARAD® technology utilizes the unique properties of Champlain Cables irradiated cross-linked polymers. DATARAD is well known as a 125°C and 150°C rated lead wire for powertrain applications. Unlike other powertrain wire insulations such as XLPE’s, PVC, EPDM, etc., DATARAD polymers have excellent dielectric properties making a great high temperature insulation for Automotive and Commercial Vehicle Ethernet applications. Our unique electron beam cross-linking and polymer science  combined with our electrical expertise and repeatable processes provide provides the best yields the best automotive and commercial vehicle ethernet cables available.

EXAR® utilizes irradiated polymer science, including low smoke zero halogen formulations, to create lead wires that perform well in extreme processes. Many motors and transformers are produced using varnish impregnation and bake technology. The EXAR motor lead wires are subject to exposure to varnish and temperatures up to 250°C for four hours. They survive this process and do not crack after the varnish is cured, thus reducing or eliminating costly rework and scrap.

EXRAD® products by Champlain Cable have been field proven in commercial vehicles and automotive applications over the past 20 years. Our design and development team use state of the art technology to design and produce cost effective wire and cable for the commercial vehicle market.

Champlain’s EXAR® – MARINE MOG products utilize unique material science and irradiation capabilities to bring superior performing products to the Marine, Oil and Gas market.

Champlain’s EXRAD® – Rail products are flexible, rugged, highly flame and smoke resistant, and meet rigorous North American and European industry standards.  EXRAD products have successfully served passenger and commercial vehicle markets for over 25 years.

Electron beam cross-link technology enables us to enhance insulation material performance, changing insulation material from a thermoplastic to a thermoset.

Our eight irradiation units are capable of cross-linking wire from 26AWG to 700MCM (0.14mm2 to 350mm2) and cables with diameters up to 1.5 inches (3.8cm). Unlike other cross-link technologies, irradiation cross-link products are easy to cut and strip.