Thermabond Adhesives

Thermally Conductive Adhesives For High Reliability

Bond Reliably | Bonds Securely to Many Substrate Types, Shapes, Textures.

Hot Spot Elimination | Thermal Conductivity up to 3W/mK to Transport Heat Away from Hot Spots.

Thermal-Mechanical Stress Decoupling | Low Modulus and High Shear Strength Prevent Adhesive Delamination

Low Temperature Cure Cycle | Thermabond Cure Parameters Can be as Low as 100°C at 100kPa, so Surface Mount Components can be Mounted on the PCB Prior to Bonding.

Uniform Bond Line Thickness | Precision Calendaring Produces a Uniform Adhesive Film.

Proven Performance | Arlon Thermabond Adhesive Products are the Gold Standard for Critical, Demanding Electronic System Applications.